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civil / structural engineering

the civil/structural engineering department provides a service aiming to respond the customer’s expectations in the best form by integrating the analytical adequacy, knowledge and practical experience.

as known well, the familiar standard analysis encounters the investors with the high costs. the rationalistic solutions given at any phase of even a small scaled work provides more advantages. our firm updates the previous analysis by following up the innovations and improvements of this subject material and attitudes.

our firm has also been making an effort to respond the design needs of the firms which invest abroad by recognizing the international codes and standards in a better way. in our design works, building design computer programs which are integrated with the regulations and/or standards such as ibc, asce, aci, tdy, ts, ufc, aisc, eurocode, asd, lrfd are being used.

realizing the importance of the earthquake security and load capacity, our staff has been using known and reliable designing programs in civil engineering field and these programs are continuously updated so the regulations and the improvements in technology are reflected to our design work immediately. the basic line in our design work in terms of price and performance is providing optimization principle.

due to our cad operating capabilities, it is intended to construct the projects seamlessly in the field by the executing crews by establishing them sufficient details and comprehensibility on all types of reinforced concrete, steel and prefabricated building design sheets.

building types designed in our civil engineering department

  • reinforced concrete buildings
  • steel structures
  • prefabricated structures

our general services for the building types indicated above are classified as follows:

  • building preliminary evaluation
  • basic design and drawings
  • superstructure design and drawings
  • field construction plan solutions
  • field infrastructure construction plan solutions
  • structural system revisions
  • structural system modifications
  • road construction design and drawings
  • wastewater collection and drainage system
  • sewer system construction
  • reservoirs & reinforced concrete water tank solutions
  • reinforced concrete – steel grain storage solutions
  • building structure system evaluation
  • load analysis
  • as-built drawings
  • detailed quantity survey preparation
  • tender and estimate file preparation

reinforced concrete buildings

reinforced concrete building has always been kept up to date and still has an important slot in terms of fire and earthquake safety compared to the other building types. our firm has depended on the sensitiveness about the safety matter that were indicated both private and official organizations and has made a point of finding solutions close to fact with 3-dimension modeling by using finite elements with the earthquake combinations and differential loading in the analysis of the reinforced-concrete buildings that have been designed.

steel structures

steel structure design and drawings are completely modelled as 3-dimension. in this way, the investor or the contractor, only even in the design stage, can interfere into the system and can take measures against the problems that might arise during on-site practice again, the faults are minimized. in these analyses, in accordance with the system and crane dynamic effects such as brake or acceleration vertical loads in crane motion zone are taken into consideration and in consequence, by identifying the behavior of the material as close to the real, dimensioning and verifications are done.

prefabricated structures

design, analysis and drawings of the prefabricated buildings system are actualized for various industrial building solutions containing the entire characteristics such as roof trusses, columns, gutters and purlins, bars, holes, manholes, load-bearing walls, pre-stressed columns (bridge, beam, purlins, gutters, etc.)