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our firm provides consultancy services including opinion offerings based on the knowledge and observation, with the adequate theoretical and practical knowledge in civil, mechanical and electrical engineering scopes as institutionally.

while providing consulting services, our firm has aimed to furnish services independently in compliance with national and international level approved professional ethics of its vocation.

some of these rules are as follow;

  • the consultants are obliged to protect the interests of their employers as part of the laws
  • in the services that they will establish, they shall also provide advantage for the community by depending on the technical rules of their profession
  • they shall protect the respectability and the status of their profession in the society
  • in any case, the solutions offered by the consultant should not be affected with the relations arisen from 3rd party or organizations.
  • the decision of the consultant must be completely neutral and independent
  • in return for their labors, must be only as much as they receive from the employer
  • the consultant have enough knowledge and experience that would make them decision makers, therefore they should always improve themselves.

project support services

  • architecture
  • cartography
  • data processing services
  • cost budgeting
  • surveying-evaluation
  • market researches
  • construction site evaluation
  • technical studies
  • topography

project preparation services

  • draft and preliminary services
  • technical expertise
  • detail projects
  • contract documentation – bidding evaluation

construction execution services

  • construction management
  • site engineering
  • inspectors
  • project management
  • construction inspection

legal supportive services

  • contracts
  • damage valuation
  • expertise