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company info 

atabar is an engineering, design and consulting firm whose head office located in adana Turkiye. with its highly qualified engineers and cad operator staff, atabar provides mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, infrastructure engineering services, consultancy and cad support services within the direction of its clients’ needs and requirements.

the success of our firm is based on due to having a high experience in design and project development. the firm provides services on design works of mechanical, electrical and civil engineering with its highly qualified and professional staff. the visional creativeness makes it possible to put into effect by meeting the needs of the clients on a high ratio with the way of coordinating the new design projects from their early stages with its clients and continuously analyzing the improvements in all technological fields. the design work systematically deals with the issues about recent requirements in economy, productivity and the quality of the product of the customers’ needs complete with the issues such as maintenance, operation and flexibility of the product.

our understanding, as atabar, is based on a logic to produce task professionally working with the spirit of amateurishly. without ignoring the old values, our amateurishly working spirit, which takes our experience forward with innovations, have been our major understanding in mechanical, electrical installations and structural designs. acting from this point of view and without compromising the occupational discipline, depending on the national and international requirements, our aim is to create work with correct solutions by respecting the human beings, environment and life.

our services starting from the preliminary design phase cover all aspects of the system as transference of design, project, consultancy and operation skills.

the factors we care about in determining the basic purposes of our designs are as follows;

  • laws, regulations, local and international standards
  • the demands of investors, future perspectives and financial status
  • present and future purposes of building usage
  • estimated building life period
  • building system
  • the features of the building locations
  • technical knowledge and the quality of the users
  • present and future energy prices
  • materials, equipments in market and local firms providing maintenance for them
  • estimated construction period
  • similar practices in the country
  • similar practices and innovations in the world

atabar, on projects developed in engineering field, improves both the talent of value creating of the organizations and advance knowledge experience in design engineering. so it provides integration of the engineering design serving for the goals of the organization and systems creating values for the organizations.

firm information

  • title of the company:
    atabar mühendislik müşavirlik ltd. şti.
    atabar engineering consultancy limited co.
  • official address:
    kurtuluş mah. 64014 sk. no:2
    avukatlar apt. asma kat
    seyhan / adana - Türkiye
  • foundation year:
  • tax office no:
    ziyapaşa vd. / 092 009 90 73
  • duns no:
  • code of ncage:
  • ccr:
    our firm is registered to ccr.