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our network system operators with the method of user defined network connections over the founded server 2003 operating system with the infrastructure placed up to the points where the terminals be established from the system room.

our internet connections system has been supported with a modem, wireless modem and remote access equipments and special accessing devices have been installed for our customers, executives and employees.

our system had been solidified with a firewall in order to protect and use the special files and information of our customers and our firm in a full confidentiality.

in file transferring, our ftp site is being actively used in order to save time and provide customer information security. in our ftp site, a separate file has been indentified and special accessing permits have been assigned.

our terminals and system is regularly maintained on a monthly basis and required updates are being performed and the users are continuously being informed.

hardware information

  • 1 ea. server
  • 1 ea. firewall
  • 3 ea. modem
  • 1 ea. ups system
  • 48 ea. pc
  • 96 ea. screen
  • 1 ea. a3 photocopy machine/printer
  • 2 ea. printer
  • 1 ea. fax machine

software information

  • 46 ea. microsoft windows xp
  • 22 ea. microsoft office
  • 45 ea. autodesk
  • 6 ea. magicad
  • 6 ea. sta4cad
  • antivirus programs
  • psychometric calculation and design programs
  • other programs developed by our firm