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mechanical engineering

our mechanical design team is experienced in hvac, plumbing and fire fighting disciplines.

our mechanical design engineering team; produces projects that would be adequate, controllable and would bring in easily maintainable environments for the possessors of the buildings. our purpose is not only to obtain better operating systems but at the same time to have solutions that would lower the effects of living quarters of the building to the minimum.

the mechanical systems have got a serious importance in determining the value of the building in long term. while well-designated building service facilities (mechanical and electrical installations) can make the building group more attractive, it can make its employees more productive and besides this, it can be very fundamental in a health organization or in an industrial establishment in aspects of the existence of people’s lives.

our team designs the most adequate heating, ventilating, air-conditioning, plumbing and fire fighting system in a way that to fulfill the requirements of each user and to complete the vision of the architect.

you can use our knowledge we had earned from many building groups in our country or abroad within the sustainable value of your firm.

buildings and their utilities are the capital assets whose maintenances are always required to be performed in order to protect their values. we plan on to get the correct and reliable systems on the jobs we perform by informing our customers and by observing the users and the investors that would make them advantageous during the entire life of the building if a mechanical installation design and its application that have been performed in good quality.

in our designs and drawings by following up the technology and using the three dimensioned modeling, our team consisting of professional engineers and the draftsmen, provide services with a minimum mistake within a coordination of architect, structural and electrical drawings by determining the deficiencies that might arise during the application.

for livable buildings, the mechanical system design should provide the points provided below:

  • comfortable conditions
  • functionality
  • reliability
  • endurance
  • longevity
  • competence with the latest technology (improving the skill of the user)
  • low costs for the initial investment
  • convenience of implementation and swiftness
  • usage and maintenance easiness
  • practicability for expansion
  • energy saving
  • sensibility for environment
  • representability

mechanical system design services

  • water treatment system
  • domestic water system
  • solar system system
  • rain water system
  • sewage system (sewer lines)
  • hot water preparation and distribution system
  • heating system
  • hvac (heating, ventilating and air conditioning)
  • hygenic ac system
  • mechanical system of specific departments in hospitals
  • fire protection and suppression system
  • medical gas system
  • automatic control system
  • heat recovery systems
  • fuel supply and storage system
  • medical waste incineration system
  • kitchen mechanical system
  • public laundry mechanical system
  • mechanical system for shelters
  • steam, condenser, hot water and thermal oil system
  • pressurized air system systems
  • tender file (bidder file)
  • technical specification