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structure groups

  • hospital and specialized hospital, polyclinics and similar health building, rehabilitation and treatment centers.
  • university campus facilities, basic education schools.
  • scientific research centers, research development buildings, research buildings and laboratories.
  • opera houses, theaters, congress centers, ballet buildings, concert halls and complexes
  • building for entertainment (multipurpose meeting, entertainment and wedding halls)
  • fairs, museum, exhibition halls, library complexes and cultural structures
  • buildings required restoration, building considered historical and classified as an ancient monument and rebuilt in compliance with its original condition after demolishment
  • hotels, holiday villages, thermal baths, spa retreatment, medical curing houses, thermal facilities
  • work centers, bus station, sales and exhibition buildings (showrooms)
  • stadium, sports center and swimming pools, olympic sports facilities, aqua parks
  • shopping centers, hobby and game halls
  • court houses, post offices, archive buildings, municipalities and multi-purpose public buildings, great radio and television buildings
  • apartment buildings, featured independent houses (villas, platform split-level houses, mountain houses.)
  • airports
  • worship building
  • banking building
  • general featured shelters
  • prisons (jails)(correctional institutions)
  • asylum for the aged, orphan homes, child rearing hostels and day care centers
  • integrated industrial facilities, integrated agricultural industrial building
  • multi-storey car parks
  • printing houses, publishing houses
  • cold storages
  • gas station
  • towers, footed water storages
  • sheet pile and curtain with anchorage and retaining walls
  • military buildings, hangars
  • computer control rooms, electrical panel rooms, ups rooms, insulation transformer buildings, transformer buildings, power plants.